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Billiard Rack Magic Ball Rack - 8-ball

The Magic Ball Rack Pro replaces the triangle for setting up the balls. It consists of a thin plastic film with holes for fixing the balls. Thereby the balls are placed on the Magic Ball Rack.
The advantage compared to the conventional triangle design is that the balls always lie "pressed", i.e. close to each other. This is the ideal setup.
The Magic Ball Rack Pro is also particularly suitable for billiards salons. You can set up any rack perfectly in just 15 seconds. The running of the balls is imperceptibly influenced by the film, in most cases it can also be removed immediately after impact.

This sheet is used to build up the 8-ball.

When placing the balls, care should be taken to ensure that they are as tight as possible, i.e. that they all touch each other. For this purpose there are billiard racks.

  • Type of game: Pool billiards
  • Suitable for ball diameters: approx. 57.2 mm
  • Suitable for: 8-ball
  • Quantity: 1 piece

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