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Snooker Cues

The most important thing for playing snooker are the snooker cues. They are thinner and stiffer than pool cues and have a tip whose diameter is usually 10 mm. This is the only way to play the small snooker balls with accuracy. Most cues are traditionally made of ash, the butt is mostly made of ebony, often decorated with so-called splices. The quality of the wood is largely determined by the grain and the time it takes to dry.

There are basically two types of snooker cues: handmade and standard (also called "machine-spliced"). Handmade ones are much more complex to produce and you can recognize them by the hyperbolic-shaped transitions between butt and shaft. Almost all cues we offer are not lacquered. A fine film of oil or wax protects the wood against fluctuations in humidity.

Snooker cues are available in one piece, half or three quarters divided. The advantage of split cues is that they are much easier to transport. With one-piece cues, on the other hand, nothing has to be screwed, so that the playing characteristics always remain the same.

Our product range is aimed at everyone, from beginners to experts and professionals. For beginners who play occasionally but prefer to use their own equipment, we recommend the standard cues. For players with more ambitions, professional cues are definitely recommended, as they leave more space for improvement. For connoisseurs, cues are the best that manufacturers have to offer in terms of quality and workmanship. They are perfectly balanced and decorated with very expensive and rare woods. One advantage of this is that it feels good and lies perfectly in your hand, which is why it is interesting for many professionals. Of course we also offer cues for professionals. These are of course handmade and do not leave any wishes unfulfilled in balance and performance.
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