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Cue Tips

What the tires are for cars, in billiard they are the cue tips. They establish the temporary connection between cue and ball. The diameters vary between 8 and 11 mm for snooker cues and 11 to 14 mm for pool and carom cues. They are made of either pig or water buffalo leather, and plastic is also being used more and more. In terms of hardness, pigskin is often softer and tougher than water buffalo leather and makes it relatively easy to transfer spin to the cue ball. Water buffalo, on the other hand, stands for higher precision and more precise feedback of the collision. The range goes from SuperSoft to Extra-Hard.

Tips are available in two versions: Single and multi-layered leather. Single leather requires significantly less effort in production and are therefore cheaper. Multi-layer leathers have the advantage of being more dimensionally stable, i.e. they hardly change their shape over time.
In addition, there are fewer variations in quality, also with respect to playing characteristics, with the same multi-layer leathers. This has the advantage that a change of a leather tip requires less adjustment if the new tip is of the same type. Since the cue tip is crucial for a good game and each player has different preferences, we recommend trying out as many lethers as are necessary to find the right one for you.
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