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Peri, a renowned cue brand under Laili Sports Equipment Co. LTD of Tianjin, is a leading name in China's billiards equipment industry since 1995. Originally an importer of global billiards brands, Laili later championed China's billiards scene with the launch of their own brand, Peri. Known for its meticulous craftsmanship, Peri Cues combines traditional touch with advanced technical features. Adhering to the principle of "breaking tradition and emphasizing natural performance", Peri sources rare woods internationally and uses a scientific dehydration process that ensures stability and quality. Their cue lineup, featuring series like INFINITY and Tai Chi, incorporates elements of Chinese culture, solidifying Peri's commitment to promoting China's billiards heritage. With majority market share in China and growing international recognition from players like Jayson Shaw, Peri now stands shoulder to shoulder with the world's top billiards brands.
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