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The Cannon brand was created by Peradon in England. Peradon was founded in 1885 by Leopold George Peradon, a manufacturer of church furniture with French roots. He made the first cues in his apartment, supported by his wife, who helped him with polishing and packaging. He then delivered his goods with a pony. The business grew and his sons Frederick George and Louis Fraser joined the family company. Peradon bridged the First World War with the production of sticks for signal flags. In the 1930s, business flourished and the company expanded overseas. After the war Peradon was the only manufacturer of billiard cues in the whole British area that survived through several acquisitions. During this time, the service of producing brands for other companies such as Ormes, Rapers, Thurston, Ashcroft, Burroughs & Watts was established without any indication that they were manufactured at the Willesden factory. (Peradon still offer this service today). In 1966 the company moved to Hampshire, where Bill Peradon continued the success with the support of Mr. Charles Gage. For lack of a family successor, Peradon merged with E.L. Fletcher & Son.1994, an alliance that lasted until the lease for the Andover plant expired in 1994. Peradon invested in a factory in Liverpool and the "Fletcher" part of the name was dropped. With the move, the product lines were improved and expanded. Cues of Peradon have been well accepted in the scene from the very beginning and are still very popular today.
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