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CuePaper consist of three different granular micron coatings. For cleaning, start with 30 microns. The final finish, i.e. the smoothing and closing of the pores, is done with 9 microns. The CuePapers can be washed easily and therefore used over a long period of time.

  • Set consisting of: 1 x 30 micron paper, 1 x 15 micron paper, 1 x 9 micron paper
  • Suitable for: Pool, Carom, Snooker

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From at 04/04/2020

Must have if you’ve got decent shaft... otherwise - you can buy a new one :)

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From at 03/20/2023

Fonctionne bien mais s'encrasse assez vite. Pas évident à nettoyer, mais le produit est de très bonne qualité et permet de l'utiliser durablement. très satisfait!

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