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Billiard Chalk TAOM - green 2.0 1 piece


Since its launch, this handmade chalk from Finland has made a reputation. Many professional players claim that this chalk causes significantly less kicks. The composition of the chalk also reduces chalk dust. Thus it cannot have a negative effect on the balls or the cloth. And even the chalk dust on the hands of the player is reduced.

Green chalk is preferably used for snooker.

Billiard chalk, in combination with the leather cue tips, provides the necessary grip. This minimizes the risk of slipping off the ball.

  • Color: Green
  • Quantity: 1 piece

Taom is highly regarded as a leading brand in billiards equipment, continuously working towards enhancing its offerings. Its cue tips and chalk are particularly well-known, and the brand takes pride in having its products used and trusted by top billiard players worldwide.

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Customer reviews


From at 03/20/2023

Excellente craie! Ne laisse pas de résidus sur la bille ni le tapis, n'est pas "gras" (pas de croutes sur le tip). Je recommande ardemment, même si un peu cher. J'en reprendrai a coup sur!

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From at 08/31/2021

très bon produit.
très bonne adhérence sur le procédé
ne marque pas le tapis

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From at 04/01/2019

A great chalk, but a bit prisey. Stays on the tip very well. I found no need to chalk my cue after each shot(you can skip a chalking here and there). No marks on the table !

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