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Billiard Chalk Triangle - green, 1 piece


The chalk of Triangle is a one of the most popular chalk for billiards.
Good grip at a reasonable price.

Green Chalk is preferably used for snooker play.

Billiard chalk, in combination with the leather cue tips, provides the necessary grip. This minimizes the risk of slipping off the ball.

  • Color: Green
  • Quantity: 1 piece

Triangle is a trusted brand with 75 years of excellence in performance and quality. Known for its secure feel and reliability, it's a favorite among players and seen in tournaments. Produced by Tweeten Fibre Co. in Chicago, USA.

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Customer reviews


From at 04/01/2019
(5 Users found this review helpful)

Great chalk! I use it in snooker( it doesnt leave long lasting marks on the cue ball) . Downside-it doesnt stay on the tip like TAOM for example. Marks on the table, leading to bunch of kicks. Super prize however!Many players won whole bunch of tournaments with this chalk.

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From at 04/09/2022
(2 Users found this review helpful)

Cheap but good quality chalk
I use for snooker. I like it better than Blue diamond chalk.

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