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Certainly one of the oldest companies, which is based in the sport of billiards. For over 225 years, this company has been a family-run business for the production of woven textiles and has its roots in the late 18th century. Hainsworth is headquartered in West Yorkshire, England. In 1968 the first cloths for the billiard industry appeared, in 1979 Hainsworth wove cloth for the world championships for the first time. Since 1989, the company has also exported to China, making snooker popular there as well. Then in 1990, the company Riley was included in the group of companies. Also the company Northern Rubber, a world leader in the production of billiard belts, was incorporated into the Hainsworth group of companies in 2010. Finally, it was Hainsworth Ltd. that produced the first "printed" cloth for a televised tournament.
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