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Billiard Chalk Triangle - PRO CHALK - pack of 12


The professional version of one of the most popular chalks.
The ideal partner for Elk-Pro leathers tips.

Billiard chalk, in combination with the leather cue tips, provides the necessary grip. This minimizes the risk of slipping off the ball.

  • Color: Green
  • Quantity: 12 pieces
  • Pro Chalk: More grip for better ball control

Triangle is a trusted brand with 75 years of excellence in performance and quality. Known for its secure feel and reliability, it's a favorite among players and seen in tournaments. Produced by Tweeten Fibre Co. in Chicago, USA.

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From at 03/23/2021
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Sticks well to the tip and the cloth stays also clear. The best chalk if you use Kamui black cue tips.

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