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Pool Cue WOLF - Alpha Carbon 101


The Wolf Cue Carbon Shaft is a blend of traditional elegance and cutting-edge technology. The shaft is made from the highest quality carbon fiber, providing unparalleled stability and precision with every shot. The genuine wood butt section, accented with double silver rings, provides a harmonious balance between innovation and classic design. The cue's forward weight distribution improves handling and allows for sensitive control of the cue action, especially on spin shots. A radial pin seamlessly connects the shaft and bottom sections, optimizing power transmission. The set is completed with a matching real wood extension that allows for quick length adjustments. The Wolf Cue with carbon shaft is the perfect choice for players who value precision, style and innovative materials.

  • Material: Ebony
  • Cue length: approx. 147 cm
  • Shaft: carbon pro taper
  • Ferrule: XTC High-tech
  • Thread: Radial Pin Joint
  • Joint: White composite with double silver rings
  • Grip tape: Structured real leather
  • Division of cue: two-piece
  • Butt cap: White composite with double silver rings
  • Bumper: Black Rubber butt stopper fit for extensions
  • Cue Tip: 8 layers
  • Tip size: approx. 12.5 mm
  • Joint protectors

WOLF stands for top-tier billiard cues, initiated by Marc Wolff, a skilled billiard player and industry expert. He and his team prioritize meticulous development, thorough testing, and ongoing enhancements, incorporating player feedback to design the ideal cue for various budgets and skill levels.


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