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Pool Cue McDermott - Lucky L12


The ideal cue for the beginner who wants to play an inexpensive but still beautiful cue without missing good playing characteristics.
Despite the price, McDermott's Lucky Cues series does not compromise on the important things. For example, it always has a shaft made of traditional sycamore maple. They are covered by a three-year limited warranty.

In addition, fancy rings were used for the stylish look and it has an Irish Linen grip tape.

  • Material: Hard Rock maple
  • Cue length: approx. 147 cm
  • Shaft: Solid wood, traditional
  • Thread: 3/8 x 10
  • Joint: Black Composite
  • Grip tape: Irish linen
  • Division of cue: two-piece
  • Butt cap: Black Composite
  • Bumper: Black Rubber butt stopper
  • Cue Tip: Single-leather tip
  • Tip size: approx. 13 mm
  • McDermott adjustable weight bolt system

McDermott, established in 1975, offers premium pool cues using the latest technology and top materials. They have become a leading brand in the billiards industry, constantly innovating and dedicated to enhancing the game experience. McDermott offers a range of quality products and supports the industry through events and promotions.

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