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Billiard Glove IBS - pro - Star

The billiard glove from IBS Pro with open finger ends ensures constant friction between cue and hand. It has a non-slip pad on the ball of the hand to ensure the hand is held securely on the cloth. The Velcro closure provides a firm hold for the glove.
IBS is internationally renowned for the good price-performance ratio of its products.

The IBS Star is comfortable to wear due to the perforated, breathable fabric.

Billiard gloves should keep the friction between the fingers and the shaft of the cue as low and uniform as possible.

  • Suitable for: Right-handed
  • Type: 3-finger glove
  • Color: black with coloured stars
  • Finger tips: Open
  • Size: universal size
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • With Velcro closure and anti-slip pad

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