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Billiard Glove IBS - pro - red

The billiard glove from IBS Pro with open finger ends ensures constant friction between cue and hand. It has a non-slip pad on the ball of the hand to ensure the hand is held securely on the cloth. The Velcro closure provides a firm hold for the glove.
IBS is internationally renowned for the good price-performance ratio of its products.

Billiard gloves should keep the friction between the fingers and the shaft of the cue as low and uniform as possible.

  • Suitable for: Right-handed
  • Type: 3-finger glove
  • Color: Red
  • Finger tips: Open
  • Size: universal size
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • With Velcro closure and anti-slip pad

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From at 10/20/2021

Per una maggiore scorrevolezza della stecca ho scelto questo guantino molto facile da indossare. Il prezzo e' molto buono

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