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LP - Cue Oil


For perfect care of a cue you need a cue oil finish. It is used for sealing the pores and therefore prevents it from drying out.
Now with handy dispenser.
The application is very simple. Apply the oil very gently to the cue with a paper towel, let it soak in overnight and polish the following day, preferably with a leather cloth.
The cue gets a perfect gloss and is always well protected from humidity fluctuations.
Unvarnished cues should be treated with the oil at least twice a year, which is particularly important at the beginning of the heating period in winter, as the air in the room usually becomes very dry.
Makes even unpainted shafts of pool and carom cues less sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

  • Volume: approx. 10 ml
  • Price per liter: 990,- €
  • 1 piece

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From at 04/04/2020

Predator expensive cue needs maintenance. This oil - just right for that, but a bit expensive. Simple fact!

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