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Billiard Ball Aramith® - Super Aramith® Pro - white with red dots, pool

Aramith Aramith

The popular balls of the Super Pro set stand for best quality with balls in standard color and are used for most championships.

The red dots are intended to show the player the rotation of the ball more visually, but are also very useful for training.

  • Type of game: Pool billiards
  • Color: White with red dots
  • Ball size: approx. 57.2 mm
  • Weight: approx. 168 g
  • Quantity: 1

Since January 2016 the company Peltzer & Fils Group has united three of the most important billiard brands under one name. Saluc stands for high-quality balls in all billiard divisions and is known under the brand name Aramith®. Simonis is the largest, oldest and most popular cloth manufacturer for pool and carom. WSP Textiles with the world's most used snooker cloth Strachan, both for amateurs and professionals.

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