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Billiard Lighting - Professional - Snooker

Good illumination above billiard tables is an essential requirement for a pleasant gaming experience and additionally provides for a beautiful ambiance in your billiard room. The billiard lamp must not dazzle or cast any shadows on the playing surface. Therefore halogen lamps are not suitable.

The Professional Linear Lamp is probably the most perfected lighting system for all billiard halls and for use at tournaments on the market at the moment. The specially designed light radiation illuminates the playing field very homogeneously and prevents the formation of shadows or darker areas. Due to special light grids a blinding of the player is prevented and thus a concentrated and undisturbed play is possible.
Supplied complete with neon lights, chrome colored light grid and hangers.
No delivery to Switzerland!

  • Suitable for: Tables up to 12 ft.
  • Color: black
  • Total length: approx. 287 cm
  • Width: approx. 31 cm
  • Total power: 188 Watts
  • Material: Painted metal case

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