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Pool Cue Becue - Naked Prestige Red

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The Naked series focuses completely on the beautiful texture of carbon fibres.

  • Material: Carbon fibers
  • Cue length: approx. 147 cm
  • Shaft: Low Deflection Carbon
  • Ferrule: Aurora System
  • Thread: Becue
  • Grip tape: Without wrap
  • Division of cue: two-piece
  • Butt cap: Stainless steel
  • Cue Tip: Ultraskin Multilayer Leather Tip Hard
  • Tip size: approx. 12.1 mm
  • Color: red

Becue's products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to maintain the reputation of the Made in Italy label.

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The Becue exclusive shafts are the result of years of research and development in materials, and the dynamic properties of the same. All shafts are manufactured using a lamination process of the composite fibers made up of various structures, physical and mechanical characteristics, and are expertly combined together to provide the best structure ever designed for a shaft. Each shaft is the perfect synthesis of a long and painstaking analysis process to provide the player with the best tool on the market to confront any game situation.

Why choose a Becue shaft:
1. The construction system of lamination allows us to calibrate the performance of our shafts with a precision impossible to obtain with the use of traditional materials such as wood.
2. Becue shafts are equipped with the exclusive Aurora Front End Technology system, which allows a drastic reduction of the mass of the tip, together with ensuring its constructive structure, as well as very low deflection.
3. Thanks to the materials used in producing Becue shafts, they are unaffected by climatic conditions and the passage of time, and they guarantee dimensional stability and performance over the years.
Becue leaves nothing to chance. From the design to the production process, everything follows a scientific logic. The careful and meticulous analysis of technical data has allowed Becue to reach infinitesimal precision in every detail.

The name of the shaft is a reminder of the 5 characteristics that Becue has managed to combine in it:

Low Deflection

  • Type of game: Pool billiards
  • Suitable for brands: Becue
  • Ferrule: Aurora-System
  • Joint: Becue
  • Tip size: approx. 12,1 mm
  • Type of construction: Aurora technology
  • Material: Carbon fibers
  • Cue tip: Ultra Skin Tip Hard
  • Taper: Semi-conical
  • Weight: approx. 120 g

Becue's products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to maintain the reputation of the Made in Italy label.

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