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Billiards Cloth Z9 BilliardCloth® - 170 cm width, Ocean Blue

Z9 BilliardCloth Z9 BilliardCloth

The Z9 BilliardCloth® was developed and manufactured in Germany using special materials and manufacturing methods. Due to the well-founded, long-standing experience of the development and consulting team, the quality of this product is particularly impressive due to its unbeatable price-performance ratio and masters the demand for optimum playability with simultaneous robustness and longevity.
The manufacturing processes are optimized for maximum environmental protection and economical use of resources.

  • Type of game: Pool billiards
  • Color: Ocean blue
  • Material: 80 % wool and 20 % nylon
  • Width: approx. 170 cm
  • Durability: Very high
  • Price per decimeter

Klaus Zobrekis invented the billiard cloth Z9 in 1995 and founded the company Z9. With over 30 years of experience, he contributes a great deal of know-how. Mounier Al Honsali, an experienced entrepreneur and passionate snooker and pool player himself, bought Z9 and is now the owner of the company. Currently Z9 can produce up to 10 million linear meters per year and is the only cloth manufacturer in Germany. Z9 is currently based in Wuppertal and is further expanding its distribution channels.

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