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Pool Cue Collection - Berlin - Sneaky Pete

The wood to wood joint between the shaft and butt is what makes all Sneaky Pete-style cues so charming, because when screwed together it looks like a one-piece cue. The Sneaky Pete Berlin from the Collection series stands out from most of the others by a Uni-Loc thread and the selected, particularly beautiful wood in the lower part.

  • Material: Sycamore maple, birdseye maple
  • Cue length: approx. 147 cm
  • Shaft: Solid wood, traditional
  • Thread: Uni-Loc® Quick Release Joint
  • Joint: Wood to wood
  • Grip tape: Without wrap
  • Division of cue: two-piece
  • Butt cap: Black Composite
  • Bumper: Black Rubber butt stopper
  • Tip size: approx. 13 mm

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