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Simonis X1 - Cloth Cleaner


This innovative product has been developed to simplify basic cloth care.
Without applying pressure, the cleaning device is simply moved over the pool table. The billiard cloth is also cleaned of chalk dust. Due to the produced electromagnetic charge, all loose wool fibres and chalk dust are absorbed by the high-tech textile fabric and can then simply be beaten or vacuumed out.
The cleaning device is almost free of abrasion and almost indispensable in billiard centres.

  • Dimensions: approx. 17 cm x 17 cm

Iwan Simonis, established in 1680 in Belgium, is a renowned billiards company. William Cockerill signed an exclusive contract for building looms for Simonis, revolutionizing cloth production. In 2016, Peltzer & Fils acquired Simonis and other top brands.

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