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Billiard Magnet Chalk Holder Phoenix Cue - black/silver

Phoenix Cue

This particularly stylish magnetic chalk holder consists of a belt clip and a chalk holder. The new thing about this model is that it is possible to fix the chalk piece in the chalk holder. The chalk holder has an Allen screw on two sides for this purpose. With these screws the piece of chalk is simply clamped in the holder. This allows even smaller chalk pieces or slightly worn chalk to be used without problems.
The belt clip is extremely strong, which also allows it to be attached to a trouser pocket, i.e. directly to the fabric. Due to the strength of the clip there is hardly any danger of losing the chalk holder by movement.
The magnet used is also exceptionally strong compared to other products.
An Allen key is included in the set.

  • Color: Black/silver
  • Quantity: 1 piece

Phoenix Cue is an outstanding and top-selling brand based in Thailand, recognized for its exceptional craftsmanship and wide range of products. With a focus on snooker, the brand is renowned for delivering quality products and a commitment to excellence.

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