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Billiard Chalk Kamui - 1.21 (beta) - Forest

Kamui Kamui

This chalk called Kamui Chalk 1.21 has excellent characteristics, so it generates a fantastic grip and the chalking can be significantly reduced.
This is possible thanks to the perfectly balanced composition of the components.
The particles of the chalk are significantly smaller than those of conventional chalk. This allows you to add a lot more spin to the ball with maximum control.
The hardness of the mixture compared to the Kamui 0.98 prevents, among other things, the spread of chalk to the cue ball.
beta stands for Kamui's new frost-proof chalk. The beta version is 36% larger and now has the same size as standard chalks.

Billiard chalk, in combination with the leather cue tips, provides the necessary grip. This minimizes the risk of slipping off the ball.

  • Color: Green (Forest)
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • Frost proof


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