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Cue Tip Tiger Multilayer - Onyx - M - 14 mm, 1 piece

Tiger Tiger

Onyx - LTD® laminated cue tips are made from the same wild boar leather as our sniper tips. Each of the finest layers is then collected and aged by the secret process of Tigers, so that each layer turns black without using a black dye. It is a very slow and time-consuming process, but with an excellent end result. In this process, the manufacturers are able to soften the layers to medium hardness and at the same time make the leather firmer. It makes the tip easy to clean and easier to work with. Onyx - LTD® is by far the most durable of allomerances ever made. It is produced only in a limited number of units per year. The purpose of the third orange colored layer from below is to remind you that it is time to replace the leather.

  • Diameter: approx. 14 mm
  • Layers: multi-layer leather
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Material: Wild boar leather
  • Quantity: 1 piece

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