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Flat iron - original english, for snooker tables

To keep your precious snooker table cloth permanently playable, it is essential to iron it at periodic intervals. Ironing is done from yellow to black, the so-called nap direction.Usage: After the iron is heated (the red lamp goes out), it is disconnected from the power supply and can be ironed without any disturbing cables. It is constructed in such a way that it keeps the heat for a certain period of time.
Playing characteristics: An ironed cloth has significantly better playing characteristics, as spin (e.g. additional rotation of the play ball) is not transferred to the cloth.

Dowsing has been the best choice for decades when it comes to irons for snooker tables.
This iron works very reliably and is extremely durable.
If something has to be replaced, it is possible at Dowsing to buy and replace every single part.
The iron has an English plug!

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