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Pool Cue McDermott - Stinger Set NG05 - Break/Jump and Jumper

McDermott McDermott

The handle and forearm of this break & jump cue are joined with a quick release.
The connection with the shaft is realized with a 3/8 -10 thread and is completely joint free.
The maple shaft is equipped with the patented "Tip/Ferrule Technology", which prevents small deviations at the impact point on the cue ball from having a negative effect.

The cue was made of carefully selected woods and with high precision.

The Irish linen grip tape provides the necessary grip.
This set contains two different shafts. One is a G-Core shaft, which is characterized by high precision, little deviation in spin and a more direct impact.
This is achieved by the "carbon fiber core technology", which essentially consists of multilayer layers of carbon around the inner core.
In addition, these tops are equipped with a very high-quality multi-layered leather, the Everest Tip.
The Jumper has the well-proven Stinger shaft with phenolic tip.

  • Material: Sycamore Maple
  • Cue length: approx. 147 cm
  • Shaft: Solid wood, traditional
  • Ferrule: Tip-ferrule technology
  • Thread: 3/8 x 10
  • Thread: 3/8 x 10
  • Joint: Wood to wood
  • Grip tape: Irish linen
  • Division of cue: three parts
  • Butt cap: Black Composite
  • Bumper: Black Rubber butt stopper
  • Cue Tip: Phenolic tip
  • Tip size: approx. 13.25 mm
  • Tip size: approx. 13.25 mm
  • Jumper length: approx. 107 cm
  • Shaft 2: G-Core
  • Pitch Jumper: two-piece
  • Tip size for shaft 2: approx. 13 mm
  • Leather 2: Everest, multi-layered

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