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Cue Tip Kamui Multilayer - Black - MH - 9 mm, 1 piece

Kamui Kamui

Due to the quality control of Kamui leathers you can be sure to get the same quality each time. Of course, professionals also appreciate this reliability. With the same playing characteristics in every degree of hardness, the warm-up phase is also reduced to a minimum.

  • Diameter: approx. 9 mm
  • Layers: multi-layer leather
  • Hardness: Medium hard disk
  • Material: Pig leather
  • Quantity: 1 piece
  • 6 layers

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Customer reviews


From at 10/30/2018

impeccable merchandise really what I needed and fast delivery quality goods

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From at 04/01/2019

Great and consistent tip! Also stays longer in shape.Downside- more expensive than normal tips and i personally found that tips like Elks and similar to them are much easier to glue to the cue.

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