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Saluc was founded in 1932 as a tannery in Belgium. Since the beginning of the 50s of the last century, however, the direction changed completely towards the production of billiard balls. Today, Saluc has a market share of more than 80% of all purchased billiard balls under the brand name Aramith in over 85 countries, regardless of the discipline. Saluc has its own chemical plant to produce the phenolic resin, which gives the finished products extraordinary characteristics. This allows price optimization and quality assurance.

Since 2012 Saluc is part of the Peltzer & Fils Group, just like Simonis, one of the largest and best billiard cloth manufacturers in the world. In January 2016, another brand producer joined this already very large monopoly company. WSP Textiles, producer of Tuch Strachan, which is widely used in the snooker sector, was merged into the Peltzer & Fils Group. This is the birth of a "giant" of billiards.
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